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Development History

■ 2014
WebScan 6000 was launched. The company is dedicated to meeting the actual demands of its clients.

■ 2010-2013
It started cooperation with BASLER, a German company, to master software development technology. It drew up years of online inspection experience and responded to the actual situations of each manufacturer, and launched Web- Scan5000 system, a more advanced inspection technology, better fulfilling the actual demands of the clients. 

■ 2000-2009
With over ten-year experience and technology of research and development, the company has launched Web-Scan-II for the production and supervision on continuous film and sheet, which is widely adopted in the real-time inspection and machinery supervision of the production of metal plate, copper foils, fiber glass, plastic films, non-wovens fiber, and the alike. We successfully introduced the industry-leading On-line Inspection System with digital Windows 2000Base to launch more advanced online inspection technology, more user-friendly in operation and improved in system stability and defect identification, which was favored and applied by many manufacturers. With Taiwan as its R&D base, the company’s sale and maintenance service have spread to China, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, and so on.
Besides Roll To Roll inspection system, sheet inspection system was also completed, applied in optical glass, copper clad laminates, optical acrylic sheet and backlight panels and so on.

■ 1985-1999
It developed PC-based microscopic image analyzer (LV-1) and a metallurgical image analysis system (LV-M), focusing on the market of analyzing metal industry material as well as scanning electro-microscope (SEM).
It developed an LV-2-Plus color image analysis system, which was later for using colors to conduct biological cells researches and printing precision identification against counterfeiting.
It developed color image Slide-Bank to cooperate with LV-2-Plus to store, search, contrast and analyze bulk images.
Thanks to the booming electronics industry in Taiwan as well as clients demands, we have gradually shifted the R&D focus onto industrial applications, (i.e. the VS-100 and Poly Scan-2000), which were specifically designed to provide real-time monitoring and calibration at production lines. Besides, for the front end positioning of all electronic processing machines, we also successfully completed the development of a three-dimensional precision positioning system, which was to calibrate the X, Y& Q axles of the PCB printing machine to support the deficiency in pin alignment.
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