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Features of the system

The integrated defect inspection and signal monitoring are conducted with the help of swift high-resolution CCD Camera, Digital Image Processing and precision optical equipment.
  Guaranteed Quality 
The 24-hour quality inspection can detect the abnormal repeat and random defect, avoid people’s oversight and quality abnormality, and provide complete production management reporting and statistics for production classification and warehouse data.

  Supervision on production machines 
The feedback signal (alarm or flashing light) showing the random defects due to plating solution impurities or grease can be used for calibrating machine and removing defect products.

 Enhance yield rate and reduce waste
It can timely remedy and amend the damages or damages caused by periodic anomalies of circulation, with a high return on investment. Its 100% comprehensive quality inspection is helpful to meet the market demand, to improve business image, and to strengthen market competitiveness.
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