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Piece inspection system


Product application

  • Mirror metal plate & PMMA
  • Ceramic substrate
  • Bio Chip
  • Flexible Printed Circuit
  • Touch & optical glass (ITO/Touch Panel)                                                                                         
 Product feature
  • It is 100% comprehensively inspected by industrial linear camera made in Germany
  • Microscopic inspection replaces visional inspection, which will improve production efficiency
  • Defect type can be detected by showing the position coordinates of the defect.
  • Errors of loop differences can be immediately reflected in the production line for rectifying, which will reduce wastes.
  • The advanced database is designed with functions in terms of defect image search, image amplification, yield statistics and production statements. 

 Defects inspection project     

  • Touch & optical glass (ITO/Touch Panel): inspecting ITO plating and surface defects (pinhole, concave, convex, bubbles, scratches)
  • Mirror metal plate & PMMA: inspecting stains, grease, pressure wound, pinhole
  • Ceramic substrate: inspecting concave, convex, silver pollution, embryo debris, foreign bodies
  • Bio Chip: inspecting short circuit, open circuit, and fluid dispensing conditions of conducive printing ink
  • Flexible Printed Circuit: inspecting the deviation of elargol, pollution, and impurities

 Piece inspection system

 Software screen (defect appearance inspection)

 Inspection and identification of defect

 Fluid dispensing inspection of Bio Chip                       Area Measurement


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