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WebScan Continuous Film/Sheet Defect Inspection System


 Function descriptionIntegrated defect inspection and signal control are conducted with BASLER CCD Camera made in                                                                                        Germany as well as Digital Image Processing and precision optical equipment. 


 Industrial applications:

                          1. Plastics industry: such as PP, PVC, PE, PET, BOPP ... plastic films, rubber, film.

                          2. Metal industry: such as copper, aluminum, copper, steel ... etc.

                          3. Electronics industry: such as ITO film, ITO glass, crystal glass, copper foil substrate (CCL) ...
                          4. Optical Materials: The light guide plate, diffusion plate, diffusion film, brightness enhancement film, protective film ... and so on.                                                                        5. Composites: laminating, bonding, precision coating synthetic operations, such as glass fiber impregnated with a resin film                                                                    ,ceramic film (LTCC) ...
System Architecture:

Typical defect images for different industries

Electronic and optical industries: Optical film (diffuser film,light guide plate)  
pinhole Pit Foreign matter Bubble
Spot Bright spot Scratch Jut

Foil and metal sheet inspection
Dent Dent Pit Pit
Pinhole Stain Folds Scratch

Inspection of plastic film and sheet, etc.
Insect  Fish-eye  Gel Stain

Paper and Fiber indusry
Rift Pinhole Dark spot Insect 



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